Drupal 8/9: Facets AJAX commands

Faceted search

Possible solutions

  • Disable AJAX on the faceted search 💩
  • Listen to the facets_filter JavaScript event 😐
  • Alter the response object of the facet AJAX callback 👍

The JavaScript event

  • Add a JavaScript file
  • Add an event listener
  • Execute (jQuery) AJAX call(s) to the Drupal back-end
  • Update the content with for example jQuery(‘.selector’).html(response);

Altering the response object

  1. I didn’t need an extra (unnecessary) request to the back-end
  2. I only had to add some PHP code to make this work. Everything simple and centralized, just as I like my code to be.

The best way forward

Overriding the facet route

Adding a custom controller

Defining a custom event

Adding event subscribers




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Robin Ingelbrecht

Robin Ingelbrecht

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