How I created a Reddit bot with Laravel

The boring part: research

  • Some subs had dedicated “flairs” for in-game pictures
  • Others didn’t, but a lot of the submission titles contained the word “screenshot
  • Creating a Reddit application
  • Authenticating via OAuth2 with the credentials provided by the application
  • Use the corresponding API calls to fetch the data I need

The fun part: programming and putting it all together

Figuring out the API calls

  1. Search subreddits that have a dedicated flair:[SUBREDDIT]/search.json?q=flair:”[FLAIR]”&restrict_sr=1&sort=new[SUBREDDIT]/search.json?q=title:[QUERY]&restrict_sr=1&sort=new[SUBREDDIT]/new.json

Creating a client with Guzzle

Keeping track of cross-posts

php artisan make:model RedditCrossPost
Database snippet

A structured way to define the subreddits to scan

  • FlairQuery
  • SearchQuery
  • NewestQuery

Start cross-posting

$schedule->command('reddit:run-bot')->cron('*/15 * * * *')
* * * * * cd /path-to-your-project && php artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1

Wrapping up




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Robin Ingelbrecht

Robin Ingelbrecht

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