I created a service that can render you a Rubik’s cube


A few weeks ago I bought myself a Rubik’s cube and I’ve been fascinated by it since then. Because of this, (and maybe because I’m a developer as well) I wanted to create a tool to render the magical Rubik’s cube as an SVG image 🤓.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

The idea is to navigate to https://puzzle-generator.robiningelbrecht.be/cube and provide query parameters to configure the desired cube:

Default render

There are a quite a few configuration options available for you to thinker with:


The full documentation is available on https://puzzle-generator.robiningelbrecht.be/. Feel free to open issues and suggest cool new features, I might consider to add them 😎



Robin Ingelbrecht

My name is Robin Ingelbrecht, and I'm an open source (web) developer at heart and always try to up my game. Obviously, I'm also into gaming 🎮.