Why and how to improve your password management

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Have I been pwned?

Importance of complex passwords

Source: https://www.hivesystems.io/blog/are-your-passwords-in-the-green
  • 8 characters
  • Upper and lowercase letters
  • Numbers
  1. I have set a password “12345678” on one of my accounts.
  2. The platform where I have set the password got breached and all its data got leaked.
A very simplified example of a rainbow table

Managing your passwords and credentials

1. Start using a password manager

  • Choose a very complex “master password” (one you can remember of course 🐵)
  • Immediately enable two-factor authentication. Be sure to pick “App” 2FA over “SMS” 2FA.
  • Add all your existing credentials to the manager and remove all other files, papers, … where you were storing them before.

2. Check for reused passwords

3. Enable 2FA where possible

  • Knowledge, something only the user knows. For example, a password, passphrase or a PIN.
  • Possession, something only the user has. For example, a key or a token (= digital version of a key).
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Pros and cons

  • There’s still some vulnerability to consider. If someone else learns the master password for your password manager, all the other passwords stored there could be stolen.
  • You might forget your master password. Typically, you’ll be locked out of the password manager’s database. There are ways to get back in, but the worst-case scenario is that you’ll then be forced to reset the password for every account included in your “vault.”
  • Setup and use could be tedious. You might have to get used to using a password manager, which can take a while and some time.
  • Passwords are remembered for you
  • Passwords can be unique and complex
  • Passwords are encrypted




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