A while ago I was developing a website in Drupal that included a faceted search. The client had some very specific requirements which were not included in the facets module by default. One of those requirements was updating and adding several pieces of content on the page depending on which filters were activated. This might be an easy task if it weren’t for the AJAX functionality that’s embedded in the facets module…

Faceted search

Possible solutions

I came up with three possible solutions:

  • Disable AJAX on the faceted search 💩
  • Listen to the facets_filter JavaScript event 😐
  • Alter the response object of the facet…

Like most developers, I often use Linux crontab to schedule recurring tasks, it’s easy and straightforward. Currently, I’m working on an application where users have the possibility to schedule recurring tasks themselves via a slick UI.


There are several PHP libraries that allow you to run agnostic cron jobs.

This allows you for example to store several cron job records in your database and pass them to one of these libraries. The library will then do all the heavy lifting for you and decide what cron jobs to run:

Last year I gave a developer driven session about Commerce 2.x on Drupalcon Amsterdam 2019. To this day, the session is still very much applicable and could help out anyone who is in need of customizing their Commerce store. For those who missed out, just re-watch the recorded session

Or check the session slides on http://presentations.robiningelbrecht.be/drupalcon-amsterdam-2019/#/

So I’m really into gaming (obviously) and especially like the “Photo mode” a lot of games provide these days. Plenty of these in-game pictures are shared on Reddit, which is great, but I was somewhat frustrated that most of them are scattered over dozens of subs. That’s why I came up with the idea to create a dedicated sub that centralizes all these pieces of art: r/GamePhotoModePorn.

I wasn’t going to do this manually of course, so I started looking into the possibility of creating a bot that would do all the hard work for me.

The boring part: research

The first thing I…

Robin Ingelbrecht

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